Eat Like a Pirate

With last Tuesday being International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I decided it would be fun to research what it would be like to eat like a pirate.

Photo via Visualhunt

What did I learn? The name of the dish favored by pirates as they plied the high seas is one of my absolutely top favorite words in the English language.


Don’t you just love how that rolls off the tongue?

According to Wikipedia, “Salmagundi is a salad dish, originating in the early 17th century in England, comprising cooked meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, leaves, nuts and flowers and dressed with oil, vinegar and spices.”

And, “Salmagundi is also purportedly a meal served on pirate ships. It is a stew of anything the cook had on hand, usually consisting of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, and onions, often arranged in rows on lettuce and served with vinegar and oil, and spiced with anything available.”

Well (in the words of Jack Sparrow) avast, me hearties.

If you ask me, salmagundi sounds a lot like today’s oh-so-trendy charcuterie boards and Buddha bowls. Of which I know a thing or two, since I prepare both…frequently.

Al fresco charcuterie a deux
Quick supper salads (aka salmagundi!)
Summer Glow Buddah Bowl served family style

Blimey! With my proclivity for feeding my family with salmagundi, I can’t help wondering if I…like Prudence, Livy, Brynn and Eloise…have an ancestor who was a pirate.

Ahoy, mateys! And until next time, happy reading and happy eating!


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Freestyle Friday: blushes and cookies

I work at a university and this Monday, the dean of the business school made a surprise announcement to the whole faculty that I’d written a book. Fiction.

I didn’t even know that he knew about it (thanks Sue, thanks Sandra) but heck, it wasn’t a secret, and once I stopped blushing I thought maybe a few people would read it. That would be cool!

But could I leave it alone? Oh no.

The next day, Tuesday, was International Talk Like a Pirate Day so I decided to get all brave and edge my Introvert needle just a tiny bit towards Extrovert.

Monday night, I made cookies and cut them out into shapes that I thought were quite fun.

I shared them at the big school-wide coffee date we have every Tuesday morning. I was the only one who got my pun. I even had to explain it to a puzzled dean, who laughed politely.

When that happens, you know what we say on International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Argh, me hearties

Wishing you fair winds and following seas,