Happy Hallowe’en from Corsair’s Cove

Hallowe’en is upon us and I thought, “Oh, this post should be easy.” After all, the events of Kiss in the Dark revolve around an October 31 ball, complete with curses, ticking clocks, and doomed spirits. Plenty of material there. And, in truth, many of my books reference Samhain or Hallowe’en, and most of them have some supernatural goings-on. Plus, I live down the street from a graveyard in a very haunted town.  I am spoiled for choice of spooky material.

So, I’ll restrict myself to two favorite images I’ve taken in the cemetery. Both were taken with an older camera and aren’t the best resolution, but to me they show the fantasy world peeping through to our own. The crow on the obelisk should definitely be quoting Poe. As for the angel–could the sky be any more perfect for a heavenly backdrop?

Sure, on Hallowe’en the veil between the worlds is thinnest. That doesn’t mean the other 364 days are completely free of magic sprinkles. We just have to stay alert.

Freestyle Friday: ghosts and ghouls from the British Library

The British Library has created a flickr account filled with images drawn from their collections both by real people and by a mechanical curator.

I have this vision of people signing on for a volunteer shift – Thursdays from 2-4, for example, or one Saturday a month – and flipping slowly through old volumes for pictures worth scanning and posting.

The mechanical curator, in my mind, is a silvery stainless steel creature with beautifully crafted articulated joints, similarly turning over pages until something strikes its fancy.

I’m not sure I want to know how it works in reality – my images satisfy me, thanks.

These are only two of the many that caught my eye, from the Ghosts and Ghouls album. I don’t think of cats as particularly spooky (this one looks more scared than anything else) but there are enough in the collection that apparently someone – or something – does.

Wishing you a happy, haunt-free Halloween,