Freestyle Friday: putting the funk in functional

You know how it is at the end of the year: all the reflection exercises come out of the drawer, and the goal-setting worksheets. I’ve been applying myself to them, just as you maybe have, and noticed that I had pretty good reasons for being tired by the time I took my vacation in November. I completed a five-month Masters Certificate in Project Management in late February; at the same time, I was writing (and rewriting) Kiss in the Wind and working the full-time day job.

I’m very happy about all of those things, and proud of them too.

You know what else I’m thrilled about accomplishing in 2017? I found bolt ends of linen super cheap and made bedsheets!

And what am I grateful for?

Someone posted online a video of how to sew flat fell seams, which meant I could figure out how to piece those bolt ends and make those sheets!

So when I recently found four metres of colourful ’60s-modern fabric at my local thrift store, I didn’t care that it was just the standard width of quilting cotton. I had no fear that I’d waste the $15 by buying something that would languish in the cupboard.

I was full of confidence that I could transform that length of material into…a new shower curtain!

If I’d been a little less excited about starting this project, I would have slowed down and thought of using off-white thread for the back side. Then the seam would have been truly invisible instead of almost.
I was spoiled for choice when it came to thread colour. I’m happy with the red; it’s just as cheerful as the rest of the fabric.

So here I am, wrapping up 2017 making something new, just as I started it. I wish for you and me and all our friends as much fun and creativity in 2018, too.

Happy Friday,