January’s Minimalist Game…the Outcome

Last month, my daughter and I challenged one another to the Minimalist Game, and I have to say we were both winners! In a nutshell, the objective was get rid of one thing on the first of the month, two on the second day, three on the third and so on. At this pace, we would toss 496 things.

My total for the month was 900 items. In reality, the number is likely higher because I almost certainly forgot to add some things to the tally.

How is this even possible, you ask?

Well, according to The Minimalists, the average North American home contains 300,000 things. Yikes. That’s a lot of stuff.

What did I get rid of? Cookbooks, scarves, sewing patterns, boots and shoes, picture frames, pens and pencils, coffee mugs, old linens, magazines, an old dresser…

What did I do with all that stuff? Some of it well and truly was trash, but most of it was recycled, donated, re-homed or went to a consignment store. Yes, some things actually earned me some cold hard cash. In one drawer I even found a $50 Visa gift card I’d completely forgotten about.

And while those dollars were welcome, the real value is in the freedom that comes with owning less stuff.

Wishing you a happy and clutter-free Saturday from Corsair’s Cove,


Kiss at the Cove

Freestyle Friday: open mic, open hearts

On Tuesday evening, the local Corsettes headed for a coffee house for Open Mic night.

My plan was to read from Kiss in the Wind, and the others came to cheer me on and supply chocolate if things went awry. Which they didn’t. Much.

I had a little glitch due to the placement of the microphone (necessary to pick up my quiet voice) and the (apparently) too-small window of my progressive lenses. So instead of looking down at the page then up at the audience as I read, I had to wave the book slowly back and forth in front of my face in order to see the words.

Everyone was kind about it.

And the other stories were wonderful. Some were otherworldly, some thought-provoking, one evocative of bickering with my sister in the backseat of the car while our dad grew ever more incensed, and another funny. I’m so glad I went!

I’m grateful to the Corsettes for coming out on a winter evening, and I’m thankful for the chance to hear all those other writers share the stories of their hearts.

Wishing you a happy Friday with the right lenses for viewing the world,