Freestyle Friday: writers and caves

Writers are often introverts, but even the most hermit-ish among us will emerge from our caves to connect with others of our ilk.

The Corsettes came to be because Lee McKenzie, Sharon Ashwood and I went out for a glass of wine a year and a half ago and corralled Shelley Adina into joining us.

Tomorrow is another writerly tradition in the Pacific Northwest. Every year the Vancouver Island Romance Authors get together on a Saturday near Valentine’s Day to talk writing, eat, laugh, talk some more…and who knows? There might be wine involved.

I wonder what projects, collaborations and friendships are going to be inspired by tomorrow’s gathering of kindred spirits!

Happy weekend,


Hearts and flowers: I cut the hearts from some scraps left over from a Christmas stocking, and the flowers are appliquéd on a vintage linen table mat.

The joys of a homebody

Some weeks are whirlwinds. This was one of them, with planes, taxis, hotels and all the rest–four cities and many, many hours of meetings for the day job. These trips are not a frequent occurrence so I try to pack as much as I can into my schedule. This trip ended with a sprint for the last float plane of the day and a prayer that the rain and fog wouldn’t mean another night in the hotel. Happily, the pilot got us home. There is nothing like coming through the door and kicking off work shoes after a stint like that.

Home seems extra cozy after an enforced absence. Right now I’m at my writing desk doing my personal newsletter, drinking tea and listening to the cat snore. Tomorrow the work week starts again, but I’ll be recharged and grounded. In the meantime, I’m reviewing my notes for a dive into my next Corsair’s Cove novella. I believe my newly sharpened sense of place has given me some insight into my heroine, Haley. All experiences are raw material for writers!