There’s no such thing as the end


A little something I cooked up while polishing off the next installment of the story. Here’s Eloise watching the Belle Swift, but she has a brother with an adventure of his own.

Freestyle Friday: chocolate for dinner

I love creative cooks! I introduced Red Gem’s chocolate chemist Livy Tarbert to the world, after all.

But she’s not the only one out there being inventive with ancient yet fresh ingredients.

So how about a grilled cheese sandwich made with parmesan and dark chocolate?

Or a pear-apple salad with chocolate vinaigrette? Isn’t that the perfect recipe to blend Corsair’s Cove’s chocolate shop stories with the orchard stories that we Corsettes are getting ready to serve up later this year?

Bread and cheese, fruit and greens…really, it doesn’t get healthier than that!

Jackie Freeman writes about these recipes and more on the KCTS website. I, for one, am very grateful.

Happy Friday,