Back in Prohibition days, the Cove was a roaring hive of rum-runners, flappers, money, and betrayal. But some betrayals have consequences that echo down through time … and demand the kind of resolution that only true love can bring …

Secret Diary by Lee McKenzie
Book One—Secret Diary by Lee McKenzie—August 27, 2018
Secret Vintage by Rachel Goldsworthy
Book Two—Secret Vintage by Rachel Goldsworthy—September 10, 2018
Secret Seed by Sharon Ashwood
Book Three—Secret Seed by Sharon Ashwood—September 24, 2018
Secret Spring by Shelley Adina
Book Four—Secret Spring by Shelley Adina—October 8, 2018
Corsair's Cove Orchard: The Complete Set
Corsair’s Cove Orchard: The Complete Set