Secret Spring by Shelley Adina
Book four in the Corsair’s Cove Orchard series!

She has a gift.

Lora Trelawney has been living life on the surface—despite her education and her big-city job. She’ll never admit what she’s really capable of: she’s a dowser who hears voices in the water. Using her gift only brings fear and shame, though, so when she visits her grandma Kate Trelawney in Corsair’s Cove, it’s a shock to learn that witching water is a famous family trait. But that’s nothing compared to the seismic shift she feels when a mysterious tattooed man invites her to dance under the moon …

He has a secret.

Known to the customers of the Zephyr’s Rest as Spike the bartender, Neil Savage has also been hiding a secret. He’s the heir to an oil company whose poor abandonment of its wells contaminated the groundwater of an entire town in Texas. When he found out at eighteen that his father hadn’t deserted the family, but was really in prison, he fled as far as he could—right to the edge of the continent. Right to Corsair’s Cove.

And then a historian, a carpenter, and a beautiful woman walk into the bar … Lora is spooked by Neil’s tattoos. He’s cautious about her science. She’ll have heard about the Savage Petroleum disaster—it’s in all the college textbooks. But something hidden in her eyes calls to a need deep inside him, and he can’t fight the magic that draws them to each other. And the voices? They’re whispering about a woman and a wedding and a fatal betrayal that’s still echoing down through the decades … and somebody has to listen before it’s too late …

“Love is a sweet adventure—especially in Corsair’s Cove! I always love Shelley Adina’s books!” —Bella Andre (aka Lucy Kevin), New York Times bestselling author of The Sullivans