Corsair’s Cove Orchard Book One

Does the key to their future lie in a secret past?
Historian Joe Johanssen’s roots are a century deep in Corsair’s Cove and that suits him down to the ground. By contrast, statistician Siena Panati is fascinated by the future, both in her data models and in her life, and she has plans that make it all add up perfectly–in a whole other country.  But when Siena gambles on a weekend at the Cove, she finds herself tempted by the unexpected possibilities she finds in Joe.
Because, like so many things in Corsair’s Cove, the key to the future is hidden in the long-ago. When Joe and Siena dig into the past on a project that might just change his life, stories of rumrunners, Prohibition, and turf wars tantalize them with hints that his great-grandma had a secret. One that got the attention of local gangsters. One that might lead to prosperity and happiness in the present day … or to a tug-of-war that could divide Joe from his lifelong friends … and Siena.
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