Freestyle Friday: ghosts and ghouls from the British Library

The British Library has created a flickr account filled with images drawn from their collections both by real people and by a mechanical curator.

I have this vision of people signing on for a volunteer shift – Thursdays from 2-4, for example, or one Saturday a month – and flipping slowly through old volumes for pictures worth scanning and posting.

The mechanical curator, in my mind, is a silvery stainless steel creature with beautifully crafted articulated joints, similarly turning over pages until something strikes its fancy.

I’m not sure I want to know how it works in reality – my images satisfy me, thanks.

These are only two of the many that caught my eye, from the Ghosts and Ghouls album. I don’t think of cats as particularly spooky (this one looks more scared than anything else) but there are enough in the collection that apparently someone – or something – does.

Wishing you a happy, haunt-free Halloween,



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