Freestyle Friday: repurposing the commute

I usually cycle to work, and I make sure my route takes me along the city’s beautiful multi-use trail system while I plug into a playlist of Blue Rodeo, Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen and Adele.

This winter though, I’ve often taken the bus and I’ll admit that for a writer, eavesdropping is probably the biggest draw. I love overhearing a grandma and a toddler discussing life on the way to daycare; or two university students planning a road trip to celebrate the end of exams.

Even so, the bus is busy and jostle-y and noisy. There isn’t much space or time to, as Julia Cameron recommends in The Artist’s Way, refill the well of creativity.

So lately I’ve taken to riding shank’s mare instead of a bike or the bus.

Here are a few of the things I discovered when I laced up and unplugged. No wheels, no tunes.

The gold is a bank of willows lining a creek that is, right now as every spring, home to an amorous mallard couple.
Flowering ornamental plum trees prettify even a grey day, and when the blossoms fall, they transform the pavement. Magic.
A doe stood beside me as I took this photo. I was admiring the flowers for their beauty, she for their buffet potential.

Between and during every photo, there’s a soundtrack. The soft companionable quacking of the mallards, Canada geese squawking in for a landing on a baseball field, murders of crows, hunter-gatherer robins, and yesterday my favourite harbinger of spring: a red-winged blackbird.

My well runneth over.

Wishing you a weekend full of beautiful sights, sounds, and fragrances,



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