Freestyle Friday: sailing with mice. In a swan.

When I’m paying attention, the world presents me with questions as if they are gifts.
“Here,” it seems to say shyly. “You can have this one if you want.”
The other day I was in a noticing mood on a walk through my neighbourhood and, lo and behold, a present rested just next to the curb.

stories simply swim into view sometimes

Two mice. In a swan. Heading into a cedar hedge.
If there’d been a child with me, together we would have figured out “Why?” And “Where?” And some more “Why?” Possibly even “What will they do when they get there?”
Until now, I’ve been exploring those questions alone, but we’re coming up to a weekend with some time to play, so now I’ve shared them with you.

I hope you have as much fun with the mice in the swan on the lawn as I have.

Happy Friday!

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