Freestyle Friday: the life-changing magic of threes

Three amigos. Three witches. Three-legged stools.

There is magic–or at least efficiency–in threes.

That’s why I always aim to have three reasons to do anything.

Sharon Ashwood washes her dishes after dinner. First, this is good for her health and wellbeing. Second, it gives her a little breathing space, some reflection time between the hustle of the day job and the hustle of writing books in the evening. Third, it’s a signal to her muse to come on out and play.


I often walk to work because:

  1. It gives me pleasure
  2. It’s good for my bones and muscles
  3. It emits no greenhouse gases.


Getting my tax paperwork to the accountant in March:

  1. Is kinder to the accountant than waiting until late April
  2. Lets me stop fretting about it
  3. Saves money in late penalties.



I write because:

  1. It’s fun
  2. I hope my stories will give other people pleasure too
  3. It’s better for my arteries than ice cream, potato chips and the other things I could get addicted to.


Having my own Rule of Three also helps me prioritize. If my to-do list is too long, I can sift through it by tallying up reasons to do each task. An item that has lots of reasons tends to nudge out an item with only one or two reasons.

For example, should I bike to the library or iron dishtowels? Three guesses which one wins.

Happy Friday!


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