Freestyle Friday: threads

“Weaving” is one of the metaphors that storytellers sometimes use when they describe adding elements, details, and even a subplot to a larger story. So I feel it’s fitting that I’ve been following threads lately both inside and outside the world of Corsair’s Cove.

A year ago for her birthday I gave an old friend some linen towels handwoven by a newer friend. Last summer, I acquired some bolt ends of linen and made a set of sheets and a pair of pillowcases for me and Soul Matey, and I had two little squares left over. Not enough for another pillowcase, or even a cushion cover, but exactly enough to make a couple of facecloths.

With Number 5 cotton perle thread (nice and glossy against the linen) I’m embroidering a simple threaded running stitch border on the cloths to fancy them up a little, and I think they’ll make a nice gift for my old friend’s birthday as it comes around again.

I believe that these bright interwoven threads are like the connections that have linked my friend’s life and mine for the past 35 years: cheerful, fun, and (goodness knows) a little wonky sometimes.

Happy Friday!


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