Freestyle Friday: who wants a kiss at the altar?

Book 5 in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series! We can hardly believe it!

A wedding at the Cove! But not only is Granny Pearl’s antique Art Deco ring missing, so is the bride! Is it ghostly mischief, or is Prudence going to get cold feet this Christmas Eve and leave another groom standing at the altar?

Or will she remember in time that the sweetest life is the one you make together?

The Corsette’s short story, Kiss at the Altar, is out in the world today, and we are so excited to share it.
As usual, we had a blast sending Jamie and Brynn, Livy and Mack, Prudence and Spencer, and Eloise and Blackthorne off hither and yon to do what they do best–or not, as the case may be.
Please join us at Corsair’s Cove again to find out what’s happening next!

Just in time for the weekend, you can find your copy here for only 99 cents:

Happy reading,


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