Freestyle Friday: writers and caves

Writers are often introverts, but even the most hermit-ish among us will emerge from our caves to connect with others of our ilk.

The Corsettes came to be because Lee McKenzie, Sharon Ashwood and I went out for a glass of wine a year and a half ago and corralled Shelley Adina into joining us.

Tomorrow is another writerly tradition in the Pacific Northwest. Every year the Vancouver Island Romance Authors get together on a Saturday near Valentine’s Day to talk writing, eat, laugh, talk some more…and who knows? There might be wine involved.

I wonder what projects, collaborations and friendships are going to be inspired by tomorrow’s gathering of kindred spirits!

Happy weekend,


Hearts and flowers: I cut the hearts from some scraps left over from a Christmas stocking, and the flowers are appliquéd on a vintage linen table mat.

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