Happy New Year at the Cove

Happy 2018Like most of the people I’ve been talking to, it’s hard to believe the new year has begun. Now I am doing all those January 1 rituals like hanging new calendars and putting fresh sheets on the beds. I’ve given up the resolution business, but I still find a few incremental changes to make. I try to focus on the little things that annoy me–fixing a doorknob or cleaning a cupboard that’s prone to avalanches. Those are the irritants that take up brain space better used for cavorting with the muses.

I also like to spend New Year’s Day doing a year-in-review inventory. 2017 was challenging, but it had its rewards, including the first series of novellas from the Corsair’s Cove universe. 2018 will bring a whole new set of adventures with some familiar faces and some new ones, too.  Curious? Read Kiss at the Altar for a few key hints. Watch Jamie in action with his tool box! Witness Eloise and Daniel being the comparatively sane people in the room! Seriously, the action at the Cove has barely begun. Stay tuned, watch the newsletter, and prepare for some fun.

In the meantime, we all hope your start to 2018 is full of hope and happiness, and that all good things come your way.


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