It’s Easy Being Green

posted by Lee McKenzie

I spent yesterday afternoon doing one of my favorite things…browsing thrift stores. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain (would you expect any less from someone with a Scottish surname like McKenzie?) but I’m also selective. With each find, I keep two things in mind…do I really like it and will I use it? The one question I don’t ask is, “Do I really need this?” Because the answer would almost always be no!

Currently I’m on the lookout for interesting vintage plates in the green and aqua color family. When Handy Man finishes our basement reno, I plan to use them as wall art. Yesterday I happened upon this beautiful hand-painted plate. The price tag said $6.50, which I will admit gave me pause. Even though I loved the colors and the beautiful dogwood flowers, it seemed a bit pricey.

Plate 2

But I tucked it under my arm anyway and continued browsing. By the time I’d reached the checkout, I had talked myself into buying it. After all, it’s exactly the sort of thing I’m  looking for, it wasn’t going to break the bank, and it was hand painted. The artist – F. A. Lyon – had even signed it back in 1961.

Plate 1

What I didn’t know was that this particular thrift store was having a St. Patrick’s Day sale. To be honest, I didn’t know it was St. Patrick’s Day, but I definitely got into the spirit of the day when I found out that all green items in the store were 50% off. The cashier admired the plate, deemed it green and rang it in at half price – $3.25!

So yes, the luck of the Irish had this Scottish lass was smiling as she left the store with her bargain of the day. I will always wonder who F. A. Lyon is and will enjoy having her (or his) beautiful artwork hanging on my wall for years to come.

Happy Saturday, and happy reading!


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