Real friends celebrate success

dragon chaliceIn the life of every writer (if they are very lucky) are a few good friends who cheer writing victories and bolster confidence when Fortune’s wheel doesn’t spin the right way. I have a couple of these people, and I value them more than I can say. For instance, they remind me to celebrate the wins. From inside the author’s viewpoint, it’s far too easy to see only the hurdles that must be navigated. Success is history, soon forgotten the moment the next challenge comes along.

It’s even better when that celebration comes when it’s least expected. I went for dinner shortly after the release of Kiss at the Cove, Lee McKenzie’s novella in the Chocolate Shop series. My friend had made an excellent dinner, and had used the cocktail recipe at the back of the book to celebrate the start of the series. Of course, in recognition of my love of all things gothic, I got it in a dragon chalice. It’s great when people know me so well!!

The cocktail was delicious and certainly worth checking out!




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