The Corsettes go on retreat

You live several lives while reading. —William Styron

It was all Rachel’s idea—writing a series set in a haunted chocolate shop. But who is the ghost? Why, the 19th-century pirate Daniel Blackthorne, the Wolf of the West. Why is he haunting a chocolate shop, of all places? Have you seen the figurehead that forms the corner of the building? Oh. Wow, she’s a beauty. All right, then. What did she mean to him?

And the Corsair’s Cove series was born. Four writers, four sets of characters, four books in which to set a man free from a witch’s curse. And many, many months of planning, writing, Skype calls, and more writing. This weekend was our second in-person meeting, at the gorgeous Abbeymoore B&B in Victoria, BC, a location that was not only convenient for everyone to travel to, but highly likely to be written into a book! We exchanged work, synced our watches and our calendars, planned out marketing campaigns, Chocolate Shop wine. Photo by Shelley Adina.and through it all celebrated a friendship and respect that somehow magically became something more: a world of our mutual creation in which we could all adventure together, have fun, and fall a little in love with a certain dark hero along the way (me, I think the Wolf looks like Aiden Turner in the Poldark series). I hope you’ll join us as we sail for the horizon we’re creating! The series will launch with Lee McKenzie’s Kiss at the Cove in August 2017!

Oh, and the chocolate? Keep a weather eye peeled for recipes, giveaways, surprise short stories, and other treats from the Cove. But the Chocolate Shop wine … after two days of work, I think we deserved it!

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