The flower coast

Corsair’s Cove, as the rest of the Pacific Northwest, is like Eden for flowers. Warmish wet winters and warmer dry summers mean that we can grow flowers three seasons a year. Because I’m all about simplicity (that is, fewer chores), I encourage native plants in my garden – these have evolved to be happy with the amount of rainfall in the winter and spring (lots) and the summer (none).

From white to pink to yellow, purple, orange…there’s a show from late January to late autumn, when the birds harvest the last purple Oregon grapes and red elderberries.

Here are some of my faves:

Yellow flowers of Oregon grape burst on the scene in late winter
Red-flowering currant follows close on the heels of Oregon grape, usually in March
Wild plum is also a bright spot in late winter, bridging the Oregon grape and currant




Pacific rhododendron is a pink hit early in the spring
Camas naturalizes wonderfully, spreading into purple swaths in the spring





Exuberant California poppies spread like flowery fire in the early summer
Pearly everlastings both overwinter and seed themselves, so they spread into a wonderful show




The lawn-cum-meadow at Mack Johanssen’s place at Corsair’s Cove is full of California poppies and pearly everlastings. They bloom longer there because it’s a little shadier and less dry than my front yard.

Did I mention that the native birds and bees love all these plants too? Chickadees, bushtits, juncoes, hummingbirds…all chatter, all year.

Colour me happy.

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