Vintage Bonney

Readers will be familiar with Bonney the parrot’s cheeky ways. She always likes to get in on the action, usually when one least expects it. I think she finally caught up with me!

So there I was, out and about on the weekend, which seemed to be the kick-off for the holiday craft fair season. On my itinerary was the Vintage Fair, a local favorite for finding all kinds of treasures from clothing to cookware to old tools. I was congratulating myself on getting up early, finding a parking space, and being one of the first in line to get into this very popular event. Yes, I probably should have been writing, but a girl’s got to shop sometimes, right?

But who was there to remind me that I was playing hooky but a ginormous parrot right at the top of the stairs into the venue?  It had to be seven feet tall and I’m certain it smirked at my surprise. “Hey,” it seemed to be saying, “shouldn’t you be working? I’m watching you.

Bonney is an African Gray and not quite so colorful, but her spirit–and sense of mischief–is just as big. I think she was having a little fun at my expense.

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