And suddenly fall

In our corner of the world, fall arrives without preamble. One day it’s all sandals and ice cream, and the next woolly sweaters.  Sure, there are subtle signs, like the kajillion spiders turning the yard into a hazard course. There is mist on the windows, a hankering for soup, and a need to locate missing socks. Most of all, there is an air of nostalgia, a kind of gold-hazed memory of new scribblers and fresh beginnings. September to me has always been the real New Year.

There are down sides, too, like the stubborn debate of whether or not to turn on the heat (I finally gave in last night) and the need to leave the house with sunglasses AND an umbrella just in case. But the chilly evenings provide a nice excuse for hot chocolate and the premiere of Outlander, or my personal fave, Poldark. It’s time to cocoon and surrender to the charms of a great story. Oh, and lest one forget, there’s some books about a chocolate shop to binge read . . .

Freestyle Friday: beach day

Are you ready for the weekend and a good book?

We’ve got summer weather here in Corsair’s Cove, perfect for strolling, paddling, gardening, and especially for kicking back with a beach read.

Here are a few photos to get you in the right frame of mind for a day off with Brynn, Jamie, and Bonney the parrot this weekend because yay! Kiss on the Beach is ready for you!

Springtime just up the coast from Corsair’s Cove
A schooner at anchor not far from the Cove
Possibly Spinnaker Beach
Present-day kayakers near Belle Lafitte’s home port of Tortuga

Have I tempted you? Are you curious about these places? Then come on over to Corsair’s Cove and check ’em out.

See you there!