Freestyle Friday: cousins!

I love cousins.

Every year for more than a century, my family throws a Christmas party. Elders (my mom’s cousins) come with their hearing aids tuned; Baby Boomers (my cousins) arrive with platters and bowls and Grandma’s baking powder biscuits; Millennials haul babies in reindeer onesies. There might be a play performed by the school-age children and carols sung by everyone.  There could be 85 people and there will be 95 conversations going at any one time. It’s chaos. It’s magnificent.

Cousins are one of the many reasons I love Corsair’s Cove.

I recently spotted one of Bonney’s cousins in the Parque La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. She’s carved from the trunk of a tree that was cut down beside the lake. Waste not, want not, as Aunt Ruby used to say!

Then there was a pair outside a restaurant in the Central Cordillera mountains. They look happy, don’t they?

And another couple in a hotel in Monteverde!

I love the colours on these birds.

Sometimes I wonder if Bonney (an African gray parrot) would use less colourful language if her plumage were more flamboyant. I confess, though, I love her just as she is.

Happy Friday,