Freestyle Friday: cousins!

I love cousins.

Every year for more than a century, my family throws a Christmas party. Elders (my mom’s cousins) come with their hearing aids tuned; Baby Boomers (my cousins) arrive with platters and bowls and Grandma’s baking powder biscuits; Millennials haul babies in reindeer onesies. There might be a play performed by the school-age children and carols sung by everyone. ┬áThere could be 85 people and there will be 95 conversations going at any one time. It’s chaos. It’s magnificent.

Cousins are one of the many reasons I love Corsair’s Cove.

I recently spotted one of Bonney’s cousins in the Parque La Sabana in San Jose, Costa Rica. She’s carved from the trunk of a tree that was cut down beside the lake. Waste not, want not, as Aunt Ruby used to say!

Then there was a pair outside a restaurant in the Central Cordillera mountains. They look happy, don’t they?

And another couple in a hotel in Monteverde!

I love the colours on these birds.

Sometimes I wonder if Bonney (an African gray parrot) would use less colourful language if her plumage were more flamboyant. I confess, though, I love her just as she is.

Happy Friday,