Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

There are many legends about Ireland’s foremost patron saint, and we love them all! It’s said he used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity so, because Saint Patrick’s Day falls within Lent, restrictions on drinking alcohol were lifted for the day. It became a tradition to drown the shamrock by putting it in the bottom of a glass and filling it with beer or whisky, hence the modern tradition of drinking green beer on March 17th.

Here at Corsair’s Cove we’ve left out the shamrock, but the gang at Zephyr’s Rest and the Corsettes (the Corsair’s Cove creators) wish you fair winds, following seas, and a very happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Freestyle Friday: the Jar of Awesome quarterly report

My Jar of Awesome is actually a Rosie the Riveter lunch kit. I file my experiences on postcards that Soul Matey and I bought in Prince Edward Island 17 years ago.
“Why did we buy dozens of postcards?” I asked him in January when I started this project.
“Because we liked the art,” he explained.
Awesome, I thought, and promptly started writing on them.

At least once a week, I jot the details of some lovely, exciting, or amazing experience on the back of a postcard and stash it behind Rosie.

Jan 1: hiked to Iron Mine Bay, where seven immature bald eagles were soaring over the beach on a thermal updraft.

Feb 4: had a latte at Pilgrim Coffee House and the slip at the top of the treasure chest was a quote from Anne Frank. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

Mar 3 (& 4): a(nother) stellar day with the Corsettes and brainpower to the fourth degree.

These are wonderful reminders for me of how many lovely things happen in the course of every week–or every day!

Wishing you a weekend of awesomeness,