Enjoy these short stories set in the world of Corsair’s Cove, whether past or present. Because the Cove calls you back when you need it most! Each one is only 99 cents.

Green Spirits by Rachel Goldsworthy

A Corsair’s Cove Companion short story

It’s springtime in Corsair’s Cove, when trees bloom, tourists arrive and spirits get lively.

But for Betsy Lund of Three Sheets Fabric Shop, this year it’s not a happy season. She misses her beloved business partner. Someone – or something– is using her quilting machines when she’s not around. And she can hardly get out of her own yard because her hedge is growing weirdly fast; she’s wearing out hedgetrimmers at an uncanny rate.

Orchardist Stan Redfern would love to do more than sharpen Betsy’s blades but his shy invitations are getting him nowhere.

Betsy isn’t even sure that romance is what Stan’s offering; her mojo eloped so long ago she can’t remember what it looked like.

When her hedgetrimmer gives up the ghost, she’s literally stuck, and Betsy has no illusions, or desire, that Prince Charming is going to ride up and save her.

What’s a self-rescuing middle-aged princess to do?

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Good Spirits by Rachel Goldsworthy

Good Spirits by Rachel Goldsworthy
Hulda’s proud of her blue-ribbon apple cider, so the fact that she’s a newcomer in a Temperance town during Prohibition…well, “awkward” describes her social standing. Though she adores practicing her craft, she’s tempted to hide her brewing skills in order to fit in. But when the local rumrunner decides she’s a threat to his business, Hulda has to stand up for herself. That’s when things really go sideways. Or do they? As Hulda discovers, Corsair’s Cove isn’t always what it seems to be.

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Long Road Home by Sharon Ashwood

Long Road Home by Sharon Ashwood

A promise is a promise forever …

After the tragedies of her youth, Ivy Mayhew spent a lifetime trying to rebuild her good name. Now she’s been a ghost for fifty years. She has no time for the disreputable newcomer who arrives in Corsair’s Cove. He’s a creature of the open road, and she’s bound to the past by grief. But Bart Rollins—recently deceased biker—swore to deliver a message to his crew from beyond the grave. He’s only got hours to keep his word, and he needs her help. When he asks Ivy for haunting lessons, he unwittingly shatters the peaceful afterlife she’s constructed—and unleashes a yearning neither expects. 

Don’t miss this episode in the history of the irrepressible Mayhew sisters, who turned the Jazz Age—and Corsair’s Cove—upside down.