Freestyle Friday: chocolate labs

The Massachussetts Institute of Technology has a Lab for Chocolate Science!
For almost 15 years, students at this prestigious university have been studying the good stuff. Well, mostly they’ve been eating it, but they also share.
They run super-cheap classes in making truffles, but their favorite thing is serving free hot chocolate to help their fellow students power through final exams.
On the other side of the continent, students at the University of Victoria also recognize the health benefits of cocoa, so they serve hot chocolate during De-Stress Fest before both winter and spring exam periods.

Corsair’s Cove obviously loves its chocolate too. Here’s the latest recipe from Red Gem’s and Zephyr’s Rest:

Mack and Livy created these truffles together. Melt six ounces of dark chocolate with 1/4 cup of coconut milk in a double boiler. Take it off the heat and add an ounce (or two) of Mack’s Finlayson’s Fire. Or Drambuie – that works too. Leave it to set for a couple of hours, and then scoop into a teaspoon and roll between your palms into balls about the size of the end of your thumb. Roll in cocoa powder or sprinkles if you like. Delish!

Happy Friday, indeed!


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